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Peace of mind, independence and a greater sense of security at the push of a button.

Health Alert systems

Loved ones living alone?

Help them maintain their independence with the peace of mind in knowing that with the push of a button, they can speak to an operator who is trained to deal with emergency situations, who will send help the moment it’s needed.


Peace of mind and independence

What is a Health Alert System?

Health Alert is a personal response system for Seniors that links directly to a central monitoring station.  Should a fall or health emergency take place – with a simple push of a button on an easily worn device, it will send out a call for help.

Why should I get a Health Alert System?

Maintaining your own independence is important.  We want to live in our own environment for as long as we are physically able to and by having a Health Alert System, it will give your loved ones the ease of mind that you can call for help easily if you are along in case you need it.

Is it easy to use?

Very!  The device can be worn around your neck or as a bracelet and can be easily hidden by your clothing.  A simple one push of the button and family, friends and our monitoring station will be alerted that you need help.

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